August 2012



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Advanced Poetry Poem

This is my first draft of my body song. I think it's really very pretty. I need to go back and correct a few things. Add some punctuation, do a second sweep through word choice, but over all I think its done as it stands.

Body Songs

It starts simple enough.
I stretch with the rising sun.
Large yawn coincides with a rustling wind.
I rub my eyes to wipe out sleep and
The tide rubs the shore into smooth fine sand.

Each step is solid and sure,
The ground beneath me is steady and whole.
I imagine its rise and fall
Match my steady breathes.
The ground at my feet feels like sleepy steady breaths.
The mountains around me are the pounding gulping lungs
I endure as I race to get my life on track.
'Best years of my life'
Surrounded in the scenery of my breath:
Calm in the now,
But racing all around.

My pulse is steady
With the whole morning at my disposal.
Birds sing around me,
And even the squirrels languidly move
From acorn to acorn,
No hurry, all day to finish the task.

Later that pulse will pound and shake,
Like unsteady rain,
It doesn't know when it might stop.
Doesn't know if there will be a flood,
Blood pooling in so many valleys and crevices.
Doesn't know if its life will bring more growth
Or simply hasten decay.

All these sounds:
The wind roars or rustles with the shore's rise and fall,
The land squirming and bending into new forms,
The birds and the squirrels and my constant breathing,
Just existence as a whole, if the imagination will allow.
We all meld and are all part of one another,
But we all live separate lives and dramas.
The sounds similar, but not the same,
Join together in the daily symphony.