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[info]tigresslilly wrote
on March 25th, 2010 at 11:13 am

Is Ranting

I think I'm going to unfriend the Christians group here in ij. No I don't need to link to which one.

I know that no one faith system has it "easy". I mean there are bigots and assholes and discrimination towards both faith and non-faith alike. It still pisses me off beyond all reason when Christians in the USA call themselves minorities or gripe about their "treatment".

Please do not comment with defense. I know that even within the USA there are areas where Christian is not the majority. I know that some demoninations of Christian want the title all to themselves so being another denomination is the same as being the enemy in their eyes.

It's still incredibly offensive to me that Christians can claim they "feel" like a minority or Christian as they describe it is a minority.

You live in a country where door to door proselytizing of a Christian message is considered "brave", "respectable", and even "encouraged" by the majority of people. If I complain that the visits are annoying, intrusive, unavoidable, offensive, and unpleasant people look at me strangely. I am the one who has to justify my position as opposed to the people who are committing the disruptive behavior.

You live in a country where your major holidays are acknowledged and most businesses close or take the day off as included vacation days.

You are allowed to believe biggotted and prejudiced things in the name of your faith (not that all Christians do, I recognize these people are loud minorities within the Christian faiths, but my point stands) and most people never questions your right to those beliefs or the value of those beliefs or the value of a faith that propagates hate speech.

When you discuss your faith's basic tenants others are generally familiar with them and accept them. Most people grok it and people who demand justification or laugh are usually not considered favorably.

This all varies from the experience of actual minority faiths and from non-faith drastically. If I want a holiday off, I have to schedule it and I might not want to mention why I want the day off or I might want to lie. I've been laughed at and belittled countless times for stating what I believe. I've lived places where I thought it would be physically dangerous to my person and to that of my loved ones if I were to tell others anything about my faith or even if I were to suggest I wasn't Christian in any significant way.

And it's not just fringe-ish "weird" religions like mine that face these concerns. What do you know, if anything about Hinduism? If you know anything about that faith did you have to go out of your way to learn it or was it taught along side Christianity in your school?

How often do you hear Muslims accused of terrorism or terrorist activity because they are Muslim?

When have you heard someone say something dismissive about a "wish-washy" agnostic or heard someone question a the character or morals of an atheist?

Now stop for a minute and hey, when have you heard anything on this level aimed at Christians? That folks is pretty much my point. It might be your religion and you might be sensitized to attacks against it, but there is a huge difference level of any discrimination. I mean really get off the cross for a moment and look around.

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