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[info]tigresslilly wrote
on August 26th, 2007 at 12:21 pm

Well one good thing about ij downtime is that I finished fixing the short's tenses

Story Title: Undecided
Author:   </a></strong></a>[info]tigresslilly
Genre: Original Modern fantasy
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Rating: PG
Word count: 2,119
Summary:   He's on another stake out with a new goal, but has he really gotten over Kiyoshi and her mystery?

He was on yet another reconnaissance mission and in another ridiculous outfit. This time, instead of classic and some how bungled private eye gear, he'd managed a full hunting ensemble. Everything was perfectly scripted, even the bright orange vest and the big hunting knife concealed under his shirt. He knew, as he tried to lean casually against a tree, that this disaster was all her fault. If he had been thinking of what he was doing instead of wondering how he was going to find that woman, people wouldn't give be giving him at least ten feet of breathing space at all times. Children wouldn't be pointing and giggling and no one would dare snap a picture on their camera phone. He could just imagine the comment underneath the photo now If you go hunting for big game in the city park you might be a red neck, or something to that effect.

Not that now was really an appropriate time to focus on his dress code, he should have done that while he was dressing. Instead he was wondering what her point had been. Her trail had been running cold for weeks. In fact he hadn't gotten a decent lead since chasing her through that animal shelter, when out of now where she mails him a letter. She sent him a letter! If he could say anything about her for certain it was that she had moxy. Not to many in her position would have tried to play pen pal.

The letter hadn't told him squat about her living situation, which didn't help him with his main case, but she had pointed him in the direction of another target. He smiled at her phrasing I know I can't shake you off my trail, but maybe I can tempt you into giving me some more time.

Tempt, was something she could do. With his funds from the last capture running low, he was in desperate need of cash. There was a lot of cash and a lot of glory in catching this target, and the girl, Kiyoshi, had already done all the leg work. How a blind heavily hunted werewolf had managed to sneak right into his home turf to do the research was beyond him. Maybe he'd just been too busy studying to clues to see her sneaking under his nose. Maybe, as he'd thought at their first encounter, she really was just that good. Either way though, he had a second case. A dangerous case too. After all, this one was a killer.

“10:45 am still no sign of target. Bait is right on time though. If intel is any good shouldn't be more than a half hour wait. May need to maintain radio silence,” he began in his shiny little recorder.

He watched a man of average height sit at a park bench. He worked at the child's day care center across the way, and he was enjoying a moment away from screaming kids on his break. With a pinched nose and a tight mouth he didn't look like the kind of man that would like children much. Looked more like a snobby butler, and all he was missing were some penguin tails. Kids probably got a kick out of seeing just how tight his face would pucker.

Idle thoughts wouldn't save this guy's life. His target was somewhere in this park just waiting for the right moment to kill Mr. Sourpuss. Apparently the killer liked going after kids, but he seemed to have an affinity for child care workers too. The hunter figured it was probably the scent that did the babysitters in. After nine or so hours five days a week, it would be hard not to smell like sticky jelly sandwiches and play dough. Since werewolf eyes really weren't that good, the killer probably relied more heavily on scent than sight. It was one more reason to coat yourself head to toe in generic cheap cologne, as far as the hunter was concerned. After all how could a creature pick out one Axe coated man out of so many?

Out of the corner of the hunter's eye, he saw it. He couldn't place a finger on what exactly called him to the moving figure. Certainly the man wasn't too hurried. He didn't look disgruntled or disturbed the way one might imagine a lot of serial killers. Maybe it was the complete lack of stand out qualities. Or maybe he had just been doing this kind of work that long. Either way the hunter was away from the tree and moving toward the man.

For his part Mister average height, dark haired, absolutely normal looking stranger took no note of the hunter or her rapidly increasing pace. For the hunter the question whether this man was the target ended the moment the werewolf over looked him. Who doesn't spare a glance at a guy in a bright orange vest, especially since now that he's pulled away from the tree one can see a net launching gun strapped to his waist? Of course if you're color blind and have poor vision from the start, like a werewolf happens to be, maybe the outfit doesn't really stand out at all. Maybe the big net launcher looks like it could be a host of things, a fold up lawn chair bag, a golf bag, or maybe some kind of water gun. The hunter doesn't really have time to speculate much on the point though, he's got a capture to move in for.

It would be easy to use the net launcher to make the catch, but he can't risk the danger to all the regular people. 10:45 is an ideal time for a walk in the park with kids and while he would bag the target, he'd probably trap a snack in there with him.

Ten feet, and closing in, the hunter's pace quickened. However, the target picked up speed too. They are both painfully close to the babysitter who is still sitting unaware on the bench. The target is finally beginning to show some life and excitement now that he's so close. The hunter thinks he can make out growls and he can practically feel the humid air get thicker as the man seems to be gearing up to transform. That's part of his M.O. though, the killer likes attacking in his wolf form. Maximum gore and terror factor, especially with the kids around. It really is too bad he hadn't brought the tranquilizer gun with him.

Damn everything was getting too close to wait. The hunter didn't exactly think as he pulled out his knife and hurled it at the half man half wolf's back.

“Watch out,” he called to the stupid man on the bench while he aimed net launcher.

The thing had already fired when the werewolf turned around and snarled. Whether he sensed the knife or the warning to the other man tipped him off didn't really matter. Facts were that he deflected (figured the beast would be able to hit the handle and not the blade) the knife before it could impact his body. He was in the process of moving to dodge the net when it descended on him... and a very unfortunate little girl.

The hunter and the wolf were too caught up reacting to notice bench man run out into the traffic, or his almost death at a cell phone wielding SUV driver. They didn't hear the terrorized screams of people around them, or see one woman moving toward them when the others were pushing to get away. All that was real for them included each other, a net, and a girl too shocked to start wailing.

The werewolf smiled even as it struggled with the net that tangled around him even more with every move. The little girl finally started screaming her head off when she realized with the way that the half human thing was thrashing only got her more trapped but closer to it. The hunter was charging toward the scene with syringes full of sedative in hand.

“Close enough,” the killer growled as he finally had the child tangled right by his fangs.

Though he was only a foot or two from his goal, the hunter had to freeze in his tracks. Couldn't let the girl get hurt.

“How do you want to play this?” The hunter asked. His mind was working in double time. They were in a crowded public place, with no escape for the wolf. The hostage would stop him, but they couldn't stand dead locked forever. As it was, he was sure someone in the area had called 911. If the girl wasn't released before they got on the scene she would be dead the moment he wolf realized she was his last chance for blood.

“There isn't much of an end game here for me to play is there hunter? I'm wondering why I shouldn't off her right here.”

“If you kill her here and now you won't have just damned your life, but the lives of so many innocent werewolves when the human supremest riots break out in response to the attack,” the hunter offered. It was almost impossible a creature of his nature would care about the rest of his species, but it never hurt to try.

The wolf hesitated, and the hunter held his breathe. Seems like pack instinct was stronger than he would have credited it, but the pause was over almost before it began. The wolf snarled and then out and out laughed.

“I'm going to be dead, what do I care what your people do to mine after that? Why trade something I don't care about for something you do care about? That would be foolish,” Sirens could be heard now and it it was obvious from the pause that the wolf could hear it.

“Tick tock hunter, time is slipping by and I'm beginning to get hungry,” he lowered his muzzle closer to the girl and she let out a cross between a whimper and a scream.

For once in his life, the hunter was at a loss. He couldn't move forward but he couldn't just stand here and watch either. Was this the moment of failure past hunters were talking about, where all there was to do was watch and feel helpless? Was this why people feared werewolves so much?

The werewolf's head bobbed as if struck and he crumpled over on top of the girl. When the wolf sank she seemed to rise up behind him. All four feet nine of her with her walking cane raised as if ready to strike again. He was stunned. That she would be here after spending all that time throwing him off her trail--it was unthinkable. After a moment, when she seemed sure no one was going to ponce her, she looked in his direction and gave him a playful grin. She lowered her can and actually winked at him.

“You,” he began, but she put her finger to his lips and he fell silent. The sirens were much closer now and since the werewolf was down, people were beginning to approach. The little girl was screaming her head off. Something about being trapped in a net and suffocated by a monster wasn't stilling well with her. A rather upset woman, who might be the mother was rushing their way screaming demands. Somewhere from the chaos the hunter pulled himself together and went to pull the wolf's body off the girl, but he watched Kiyoshi until he needed to fiddle with the sedative in the syringe.

“Help or not, I'll have to take you in,” he began while injecting the brute. He pulled a switch blade from his pocket and cut the girl out of the net. He looked up to where Kiyoshi had been and there was nothing. Maybe there was a flash of her black hair in the crowd, but there wasn't anything he could track. He gritted his teeth, but there was nothing he could do now. Had to cuff the still unconscious killer, pry the little girl off his leg, and keep the angry mother from strangling him for the endangering of her 'precious'. It was frustrating, it was tedious, and he had all he could do to keep from laughing his head off. In the midst of the crowd, the ever approaching sirens, and the dizzy rush of a just past danger the man could make out a white envelope on top of the unconscious werwolf's body. And he was sure that when he got a chance to look at it, the address would read Dear Hunter.

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