August 2012



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Poetry Prompt

The actual prompt is over at the </a></strong></a>[info]writers_cafe already. I think its two or three posts back. This is my response. Should have posted it like monday, but I needed time to type it. Its really emotional and my poem probably won't have any of the elements of this in it because you know I just don't like how whiney this is and I don't want to do all this self absorbed poetry for this class.

How many times have I stopped to really think about who I am or about the world at large or about any one thing before I get distracted, sidetracked if you will. “I should really...but before I do that I should do this- but I thought this first- no maybe I should explain- or I could know what, just fuck it. There's something to read on the blog anyhow- or better yet there is somewhere on some channel an episode of Law and Order playing right now. So perfect because there is not thought involved at all.

No World

No Problems

No You

And certainly No Me

To think about

What do I need to know anyhow

what must I believe

What do I need to do

or to think

There is so much it goes so many places that I often find myself paralyzed in option of what to think way before I start thinking or acting

It's like these prompts, so many thoughts and place to go but you know what, do I think about, what do I write?

Then expectation. Time and effort for just this forget the rest. This needs to be something because it's time I could have spent on other more surer things. I've got lots of started works and lots of started projects, O certainly don't need prompts to more. If anything I need less.