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Sep. 27th, 2007

Advanced Poetry Poem

This is my first draft of my body song. I think it's really very pretty. I need to go back and correct a few things. Add some punctuation, do a second sweep through word choice, but over all I think its done as it stands.

Sep. 24th, 2007


Not going to lie ij, I am unreasonably angry right now.  I hate Advanced Poetry class so much.  My professor gives us writing prompts every Monday and this Monday he didn't realize that he gave us pretty much the same prompt he gave us last week!  Last week we got four prompts one of them was "write a poem addressing as person or other" (with the implication that is should be sort of like a letter).  This week he told us to "write a letter to someone in the form of a poem".  I was pretty annoyed.  More annoyed when he just left it like that.  

Then he gave us a hand out from a book and couldn't tell us what book he had photocopied the pieces from.  Correct me if I'm wrong but that isn't just irresponsible but it also has copy right issues.

Then we reviewed a person's poem today who made reference to Eros and he didn't know who Eros was.  Even if you didn't know there was reference to love, wooing and arrows...not exactly brain surgery there.  

What might have been the topping on the cake for me might have been the choice "critiques" he made on my poem.  Now the first poem I handed in wasn't really good, that he wrote a bad critique is kind of excusable because you know there wasn't much for him to work with.  This poem though, I think there was a lot to work with.  I can think of three or four questions that would have been worth exploring or bringing up (of course I am the author).  

Now IJ, I bring this poem to you.  It isn't long, just 24 lines.  I would like you to read it and see if the comments he wrote up on it were fair.  Because you know, I can't be a good judge of my own work and maybe he does have points (even has a bad teacher) that I should look at. 

My basic thoughts on the work are that it isn't my best, but it isn't my worst either.  I think that there are things to clarify the meanings I intended, but that the basic idea of the poem is clear.  I don't know take a look for yourself and see if his comments are accurate about what I should or should not do.

Advanced Poetry Writing Prompt 4

Sep. 17th, 2007

Advanced Poetry Writing Prompt

Sep. 16th, 2007

Two Poems of the moment

The First one called "So Yeah, Six Years Later" is for poetry class and its one requirement is that you know, you need to have one question in the poem.

The Second Poem is not for poetry class though it also fits the assignment, has some of the free write in it and I think sucessfully covers my Poem Idea that I wrote about earlier and its currently called "Really?"

Really? )

Poetry Prompt

The actual prompt is over at the </a></strong></a>[info]writers_cafe already. I think its two or three posts back. This is my response. Should have posted it like monday, but I needed time to type it. Its really emotional and my poem probably won't have any of the elements of this in it because you know I just don't like how whiney this is and I don't want to do all this self absorbed poetry for this class.

Sep. 9th, 2007

Poem I wrote for Advanced Poetry Class

Professor gave me a writing prompt I HAD to make a poem out of. He put out all these items (feather, onion, bark, pear) and said to describe one in a free write, so I did that. Then he had us compare it to our mothers, so I did that too. Then he told us to take the free write home and write a poem based off of it. I've done that too, but I'm not sure I'm really a fan of what I wrote. I know we could take any aspect of what we wrote to create a poem from it. The poem doesn't have to be about the onion, but I'm afraid the onion lacks creative juices for me. So the poem is pretty shitty and is totally all about the onion. Anyhow, its behind the cut and not so hot.

Onion )