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Oct. 22nd, 2007

And Now for Something A Little Creepy

I knew that people could look at what I'd tagged on my journal. I knew people could Google search and pop up with my blog or my name or my journal connected back to events I'd written about. I didn't know that Google or other engines had my full name in connection to my screen name because of a comment someone made on one of my entries. To make it a little scarier, the link was to my lj account, which has NO TAGS on it at all. If I'd found myself here I wouldn't have been completely surprised. I mean I tagged it. But it's weird to find it there where there are no tags on my stuff.

I know people say you can find you based off of info you post. I know my journal is public. I've done tons of searches for me before and come up with nothing.

What prompted this? I was looking for the news articles that cover my college's hazing incident and I misspelled sorority the same way I had in a previous entry. So I got a link to the entry I made about my bf spending the summer in a soriety (that's how I misspelled it) house. That was odd too because it was an ij post that pulled from the text and not from the tags. So then I tried to search for my entry on my hamster using Google I typed in the same basic format and got nothing. Though now that I'm thinking about it, I shouldn't get anything, I mean I updated yesterday and it's possible Google hasn't updated yet.

Then I typed in my full name and my user name and I got a link to my old lj but not to here....even though that entry is cross posted Really odd how that does or doesn't work.

Now I'm trying to find just me without my ij/lj name and I'm failing completely. That's always good. Next will be an attempted picture search. That is also thankfully a big zero in finding stuff.

So anyhow the post on hazing has to wait cause I think I'm going to have to start the tedious process of friending a couple of things or not friending other things. I don't care so much about rants and stuff being up for everyone and I doubt that a lot of people could do the kind of searching I'm doing with my user name and specific tied info, but it's possible. Le sigh I hate it when sometimes mothers knows best about these things.