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Oct. 26th, 2006

P Socialite 101

Socialite 101

Drop dead drunk
Drugged to delirium
Dizzy dancings under disco ball light play round and round.
Decadent decor in the fashion of dim lights
Desperately desire to deceive the dingy reality.

Am I the girl dressed delicately dreaming of the party to die for
Downing beers like they are more delicious daiquiris?
Deepened depression deemed it right
To drown my esophagus

Drops downpoured into deep devastation within.
Just the thought demands a dirty bile-filled tongue
To dutifully dislocate from a much offended mouth.

Dis-empowered, my body stays in a daze
Displeased by demands to rise sent from the dictator that was my brain
Disturbed, I shake uncontrollably on the cold tile
All hope of making it to bed dashed.
Did I devour enough booze for an "overdose"?

Too mentally damaged at the moment to be disgusted.
Dare myself to stand,
Sliding like there's dishwasher soap down
Desperate to deter more damage
I dangle from the towel wrack
My intestines churn in dangerous warning
Damn it, face first in the toilet for what won't be the last time.
Dumb is what I've been
Definitely not too dented to determine my decisions were disgusting.



Author's Notes

This particular piece is really dedicated to my first Thursday at college where I somehow managed to consume 15 drinks without dying.  I don't have any clue what I was thinking.  Well actually I do.  I just wanted to "get so drunk I couldn't feel feelings" anymore.  Some of it was depression.  Some of it was social pressure.  Some of it was trying to impress/showup an old flame.  Some of it was trying to be friendly and cool with a new roomie.  A lot of it what me just trying to escape.  I think the poem speaks for the outcome and my thoughts in hindsight all on its own though.

As far as ratings go, I would give this pretty high marks. I like the way I managed to work the d sounds into the poem through out. It doest a good job of tripping the reader up and sort of making them sound like they are drunkenly stumbling along with the poem. I also like the comentary on society today. While its a little pesimistic, it really is what a large portion of the college scene and young people's social life is about. It shows contempt and dislike for the actions but at the same time desire to partake even if the after affects include illness and possibly death.