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Sep. 21st, 2007

Makes me sick sometimes

Dark Christian over at lj pointed this one out to me

"Rep. Paul believes, correctly, that the Bible is the infallible, inerrant word of God and thus it is not the role of God-ordained civil government, at any level, to feed, house, clothe or educate anybody."

I mean what? I thought and maybe I'm the one wrong, that charity was implict in the Christian doctrine. You know helping and taking care of the sick, poor, mentally disabled, and needy. I thought that even the dommies were all about doing charity work, sure its only for people who worship God nine ways to Sunday, but still I was fairly certain that missionary work, soup kitchens and the like are MOSTLY Christian run.

I mean I guess that maybe the Gov, according to Christianity isn't in charge of charity, the church is. But since dommies usually see church and state as the same thing or should be the same thing, I figured that there should be lot of charities and programs, they'd include the word of God, but they'd still be there.

"Rep. Paul takes his oath to God as a Congressman seriously and believes, correctly, that the Constitution is the highest man-made law in our land, that it severely restricts what the Federal Government can legally do, and it must be obeyed. This is why, as he states on his campaign web site, he has: never voted to raise taxes; never voted for an unbalanced budget; never voted for a Federal restriction on gun ownership; never voted to raise Congressional pay; never taken a government-paid junket; and has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch."

This one I have conflicted feelings on. I'm all for the Constitution, but I think Paul might be skewing meanings here. I mean I'm all for balancing budgets and I'm glad that that he doesn't want to increase the power of the executive branch, but most of that other stuff kind of needs to be passed. I mean taxes are really important and there should be some gun laws and we should have them on a Federal level. I suppose that Congressional pay shouldn't be raised outrageously, but we need to raise it with the cost of living. I mean we don't want people to not take the job because they can't live off the wages. After all most people qualified to be congressmen have law firms or some other lucrative business. It's enough that they are taking a pay cut most of the time without adding to it.

On that note, I'd say that there are times when the Executive Branch needs more power. Times of war, emergency situations, we need quick and decisive actions. I don't think the time is now and even if it was, I wouldn't trust Bush with that kind of power, but there are definately times when we need one guy calling the shots because we don't have time to argue. No choices made can be worse than the wrong choice.

"Rep. Paul, again correctly, is truly pro-life and believes that there are no circumstances under which it is OK to murder by abortion any innocent unborn babies."

Roar, but then again I think we all know that I'm pro-choice. I mean there is too much in the air. What are the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy. What is the quality of life a mother can provide for herself and her child. When is a person really a person, what do we call living? What if a mother can not afford the medical expense of a severely disabled child? What if the kid is already addicted to a substance? There's way too much that tilts what is right and wrong. There are things worse than death and certain we need to take in quailty of life

I mean the dude is just not cool, he has a whole bunch of what I consider bad policy moves similar to these. Ick. Say no to Rep. Paul