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Aug. 16th, 2008

A couple fanfic writers I've been caught up in

Yeah, yeah this post is as much about the icon as it is about the actual content.  You were warned.  Anyhow, if you couldn't tell from the icon above I've been reading a lot of harry/draco.  This started off as an interest in harry/snape that sort of moved into a harry/draco pairing.  Let me tell you there is a lot of really really really really bad fanfic in both of these groupings, but I've found two authors who I'm a little in love with at the moment.   

It started with Arsenic who [info]elfwreck introduced me to in a post that wasn't really at all related to fanfiction.  I started reading arsenic's work and now I still think her work is really worthwhile.  It isn't just harry/draco or harry/snape either.  There are literally tons of pairings and cross overs.  Plus arsenic has plenty if other fanfiction from not hp fandom.  Don't take me at my ramblings though go now and read a few fics for yourself.  Some of my favorites include:  An Eye for and Eye (the fic that started this all draco/harry/snape) , Collateral (hp angel crossover), Lines Undrawn (hermione/snape and harry/draco), Origins of Myth (this one is an amazing ron/draco), and Remind You What You Did When You Wake (harry/draco).

These of course made me go hunting the interenet for other hp fanfics because for me good fanfiction makes me yearn for more and new different takes.  That's how I found fourth_rose (over on lj).  Her comments seem to imply she has other fanfiction but I'm really there only to read Not in the Hands of Boys.  It's a work in progress and it appears to be updated once a month.  Follows the deathly hollows ending but ignores the epilouge and picks up with the old Hogwarts crew in Hogwarts finishing their missed seventh year.  Possibily my favorite take on Harry and Draco immediately after the war.  Also this fic has made me want a luna/harry fic quite badly and I haven't been able to find anything, anyone have suggestions on where to look for one of those?

All of this leads me to lemonaaeren.  The fics are all (except Kestral which is a really nice when Harry's an adult Snappe/harry fic.  A little disjointed for my taste but not bad) harry/draco.  She updates regularly (though right now she's moving so there's the possibility of less regular updates).  My feelings are her fics vary some.  There are ones I'm completely in love with like A Reckless Frame of Mind and it's sequel A Determined Frame of Mind.  My favorite is The Changing of the Guard.  I think what I like best about her work are the twists and turns.  The characters are the main focus, but she keeps the plot moving.  Characters have to face themselves and surrounding events at the same time.  I also like that she has so many different takes on the same characters and most of those takes I find completely possible and probable even given the source material.  I do like her novel lengths better than her one shots, with the exception of A Year's Temptation, which I just don't really care for period (more personal problems than actual style problems though).

And that is my recent fanfiction reading promotions  I'm also reading a couple inuyasha fanfics, but that fandom area has really slowed down a lot in the last year or so.  Also I'm finding it harder and harder to find fics I'm interested in reading from that genre. 

Anyhow go poke at those fics if you're into hp fanfiction.  And feel free to drop some suggestions.  As far as pairings go I like anything snape, anything with draco, I'll consider almost any harry or hermione pairing though right now I prefer harry/draco, harry/snape, harry/luna (though I can't find any I do think this would be a great pairing) hermione/draco, and ron/hermione/harrry.  Of course simple adventure hps without pairings are welcome too.  And random recommendations for not hp fanfic is good too, I read it all, even if I don't know source material on occasion. 

May. 31st, 2008

Fanfiction Post

Warning: this post may contain adult themes (see I can remember to tag 'em.)  Question: Does anyone else find that they are reading R, NC-17, X, or whatever adult rating for fanfiction porn reasons and then skipping the porn?   

I used to read just for the smut and then the smut wasn't enough and I needed good plots and usually well written works.  Now I'm just like no matter the kink or the surround background "yeah yeah how different is this [insert actual sex act] from any other time I've read [insert sex act]".  I know there are different ways to write porn.  I know there's good and bad smut.  It's just more like I've seen it all every which way and I'm disenchanted with the act(s).  Bored really.  Writing, reading, and thinking about it (which since I'm a bit of a perv, is surprising) doesn't seem to have any appeal any more.   

None of this means that I don't read tons of fanfiction still, because I do.  As much and more so in some cases.  And I still go for the smutty fics too.  Why would I do this you might wonder, because I like the relationship tangles and I like when people don't ignore the fact that character X, Y, or Z is a sexual being.  So while I skip the porn and most of the foreplay, I like the dialog that leads up, I like the little actions and the tensions.  I love watching different "what if" roads characters could have taken and what not.

And as long as I'm unleashing my fanfiction secrets, anyone else read so much fanfiction that they can't keep the cannon straight anymore?  I do this with Inuyasha in general (I know I know, but the fanfiction is a guilty pleasure).  I lost all interest in the story a while ago, but I love the fanfiction.  I can't remember what's cannon and what's not in it though, especially since it seems to me in that fandom that there's a lot of collective non-cannon ideas that everyone subscribes to.  The whole mating thing and the basic idea of what it takes to mate is definitely not in cannon but somehow it's very present in almost every single purmutation of Inuyasha that I've ever read. 

I'm beginning to lose the line with Harry Potter too.  Some of that is that I've been reading amazing Harry Potter fanfiction and I haven't caught any whiff of that before (much as I really started getting into really good Inuyasha fic...though now most of what I read there is pretty trashy).  Another part of it might be that there are so many aspects of cannon that displease me and so many things I wanted to be different or I wanted explored and there are so many writers doing it so well that I just am having a case of wishful thinking.  

I might add that I've got what I think might be a stunning Hellsing Harry Potter crossover in the works if I can work out a time line and some other details that is.    Whatever though.  That's probably enough fannishness for one post. 

So yes people your fanfiction rating choices and odd bits you skip as well as cannon and how faulty your memory is.

Aug. 6th, 2007

FF drabble from Wish post manga ending

Title: Void?
Author: </a></strong></a>[info]tigresslilly
Manga: Wish by Clamp
Spoiler Warnings: Doesn't give away the ending but if you haven't read the fourth book this won't make sense.  It is taking place during the fourth when Kohaku is sleeping. 
Word count: 2066
Rating: PG13 This hints at incest threesomes and orgies but none are depicted in the work.  
Summary:  What will Koryuu do while Kohaku waits for Shuuichirou to be reincarnated?  
Disclaimer: I do not own Wish or its characters, though this particular plot thread is mine.   Also I may cross post this to unknown_fandom, but I'm not sure yet.