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Sep. 11th, 2007

Pulled from Feministing

Pastor Rapes his Two Teenage Daughters and claims that it's to teach them how to be good Husbands

Yeah a sick article. It reminds me of all the reasons Christianity can be so messed up. On one side there is this "don't have sex before marriage or there is a fate worse than death waiting for you" speech. It leads to "purity balls" and "Chasity promises" where Fathers, take control of their eleven year old daughters sexuality.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want sex to be this be out there thing that is all awesome and should be done right away. But I think that teaching abstinance in combination with safe sex techniques is more appropriate. Acknowledging the dangers and things a person should consider without trying to make it a scandal or something terrible. Supporting your kids and todays youth in whatever decisions they make after they have all the facts-yeah you might have hoped they would make a different decision. You many have wanted something else for them, but you can't control these kinds of decisions. Shetlering them and informing them is one thing, but forbidding them, scaring them, forcing them (one way or the other) is wrong.

Ovbiously what this pastor did is wrong. It makes me sick that if wife and religious community support him. They should support those two girls that he raped for years. He might claim it was for religion, but it was for his own lust. I what did he teach those girls, to allow their 'husbands' to rape them? To give into their husband's authority no matter the place and time? To allow people to make them small and weak. So much of this makes me so angry.