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Oct. 1st, 2008

Surprises of the Negative Variety:

In case anyone was having a bad day and thought they were the idiot in the room, please stop. Today that idiot would be me. I don't know why I thought the substitute teaching thing would be easy to do. I guess I just assumed that WY was like MA. In case anyone was wondering, it's not.

Where you don't even need a degree in MA to be a sub, in WY you need a degree, 65 in class hours, and a state permit that includes teaching courses, teaching time, WY constitution info, a background check, and finger printing. Just getting the permit is $100, no mention that I can't find on how to get class room hours. Oh and even if I did all this, the district if probably freezing applications in the coming week-guess everyone with a license wants in.

I guess it's good that WY is careful with their children?

So plan one was foiled and I hot trotted back to monster. It doesn't help that all the jobs are really unappealing or that the interenet here is on the fritz (like now I'm typing this into a word processor because there is no wireless to steal.

Oh well, maybe I'll pick up a few PETCO applications after all, because I think I'd like working with animals. With my luck you probably need licenses for that too. Meh, I'll go tomorrow.

Anyhow, brainstorm with me, what kind of jobs would I actually like to do? I like children and animals. I like teaching and nurturing. I suppose if I had a nurse's license that might work. That would carry over from state to state too (with a test or two anyhow) or maybe an nurse's assistant. I'll look into that when the internet is back.

I also like team focused activities, writing, finding creative solutions. I've got an English degree. What kind of entry level work can I do with all that?

I know when the web is back I'll have to look into temp agencies and see if someone somewhere will take me even for a temporary period.

I'm not desperate yet, but I am worried. Worrier by nature really. Send me good wishes and hopefully within the month I'll be able to figure something out. I won't be one of the people who lives off their significant other. For one thing the mate can't really afford it (well technically he could but it would be very close). For another I can't stand to be at home all that time without work. Maybe I really will go work with him. They'd take me and the pay isn't terrible. Plus we'd have the same hours so we wouldn't always be missing each other.

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