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Oct. 22nd, 2007

Now We'll Talk Sorority Gossip

The friending isn't even near done, but I covered the past eighty or so entries. I'm thinking it might be easier to attack this via the Google then it is to search it through ij. Most of it seems to be more tracked through lj than ij anyhow, which is a little odd, but I guess makes sense since the new lj owners are tracking all kinds of info, I bet it's easier to Google it.

Anyhow though on to the real post info. There is hazing going on in sororities. At my school there has always been a pretty strong amount of hazing going on for Greek Life and Sports life. Heck lacrosse isn't even a team sport, its a club with very few people on it and there are ton of myspace conversations going on about the hazing (found via Google not something I looked up on my own time). We're a small school I could list tons of inappropriate hazing stories plus all the first hand accounts of witnessing it in all of the organizations

The basic feeling of students here has always been that you choose to be part of said group and when you choose that you choose to go through whatever hazing they put in front of you. This has been the working theory for years, until more recently when a couple of girls from the Pi Upsilon Omega pledge class stepped forward with allegations of "hazing". To a certain degree I think particularly in the Greek life that hazing OBVIOUSLY goes on is a given. I mean what the fuck do you think "pledging" means. It certainly isn't "let's bond while eating cake". Do I think that the hazing has gone to far and been allowed to grow to be something that is "dangerous", hell yes, but it has been that way since I've been here and for years prior from what I can tell. What I'm saying is basically that it is very clear the hazing goes on and what happens.

Hazing charges have been brought up before and dismissed because there was no hard evidence. You can tell that this is again what most of the sorority and fraternity people hope will be the case again. On a personal note I'm not sure what I'm hoping for. I don't like the girls in Pi Upsilon Omega. They are the most mean spirited sorority on campus and they do go out of their way to be intentionally cruel. The hazing ritual they are getting busted on is one of what I consider to be their "tamest" rituals (smearing hot sauce in girls faces while screaming at them). Part of me would very much like to see criminal charges being pressed.

The flip side though is that the school has been unethical in the way they've pursued the case. The spent hours secluding and questioning girls who have even remotely been affiliated with any sorority activity without EVER telling them what (if anything) they were being accused of. They were repeatedly threated with contract termination if they did not cooperate, even though it is not in the school's rights to do so. They forced many of the girls parent to come up to a conference this past weekend without telling the parents what the conference was about at all. They refuse to press criminal charges on the girls officially but at the same time they won't take the threat off the table. Each school administrator and person of power has said something different or in conflict with what another official told them. I do feel a little bad for them and I do think that some of the girls (not all or even most of them) are falling victim to a school campaign to kick out all Greek life from my campus.

I don't know though the two article I found don't help to clear up the difference between gossip and fact much. I think the school would like to keep it that way.

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