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Jul. 27th, 2010

Updates and Short Reviews

So the comp has promptly crashed and died on me again. It's of no matter, I've been journalling on actual paper so meh.

In more interesting news, I saw Inception and it is a must see to all my friends. A lot of thoughtful themes are there and I think I'm going to write a more in depth spoilery something later. Until then know it's awesome and that there should really be a prequel.

Also, I did end up buying a nook. I really like it so far, though I've only had it a few days. I've read two full books on it and in the process of reading War of The Worlds. I'd forgotten how much I liked sci-fi till just now. Anyhow, if anyone is looking for a free good ebook to read, I reccomend Metagame, it's a 1984 style book/plot with some of the dread, a lot more interest in the new tech, and less of the overwhelming sense of hopelessness. Other interesting things to note is that the speech and the evolution of this world apparently relied heavily on gaming so get used to a lot of gaming terms and hard core gamer mentalities played out in real life. Also the book is very heavy handed with religion which didn't bother me until the last five pages of so. The rest of it kind of makes up for those five pages though.

Beyond Metagame I read a short sci-fi erotic story which mostly reminded me of trolling adultfanfiction original works. It wasn't good but it wasn't bad. I'd recommend reading it to those looking for a mild quick diversion. Something a little campy with very limited technical quality.

And now I'm off to pick up on War of the Worlds again. See you!

Apr. 17th, 2010

Kickass Deserves Some Awards

If you can't guess, last night I went to see Kickass. No real analysis this early in the movie viewing process, I just want to say damn, this movie rocked. It's the first movie since The Golden Compass and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang that I've seen and really been like "this movie was the bomb, I had a great time and there's nothing I'd change/want more of/wish wasn't there." (not entirely true with Golden Compass, I loved it so much I read the book and then there was stuff missing from the movie I'd have wanted).

Some things that took me by surprise in a good way that are not spoilers:

1. The fight scenes are beautiful. None of that jerky m-tv bullshit that screams "I don't know how to make a fight seen but wanted one in my damn movie". These were clear pretty easy to follow scenes with some wonderful, if a little stereo typical moves.

2. The differing levels of intensity between superheros really helped balance the messaging and thoughts about the whole concept.

3. Use of cell phones, social networking pages, gps was smart and funny and modernizing.

4. The music was perfectly timed and added significantly to the movie.

Conclusion: this movie needs motherfucking awards maybe as one of the few movies that is actually viewable out of all the shit usually produced. I don't know but it was very funny and it was a cute little action film. It's not a movie I'd recommend to everyone (the violence is very graphic and anyone with a sensitivity to childhood abuse will probably find Mindy/Hit Girl to be triggerish and there are many other pc problems I could think of if I wanted to but am ignoring for a moment of squee) but it was a refreshing change to other stuff I've seen and been told to like.

Jan. 21st, 2009

Defiance Review

I caught Defiance last Saturday with the mate and a few friends.  The mate wasn't particularly interested in seeing it as war movies don't hold much appeal.  I personally have mixed feelings on war movies, though generally Holocuast movies interest me to some degree (though taking the Holocuast class and watching all those movies with original footage from death camps has really dampened my need to ever see anything similar). 

I wanted to do a write up sooner, but I was taking time to digest.  My immediate feelings were something along the lines of empty.  I mean how can I watch something that's even loosely based on a true story and enjoy it?   After that thought comes the "how much is true"?  Usually I feel comfortable to watch a movie "based on a true story" and consider it fiction more or less, but with any kind of war story, especially a war as gruesome a World War II it becomes difficult to know where the facts and fiction start.  

I did some quick reading up on the true events and it seems to me that the movie has some very muddled areas, but the aspects most striking and horrifying are not far from the truth.    Things they left out include the Naliboki massacre where 125 innocent villagers were killed.  It's unknown whether or not the Bielski group participated along with the Russian Soviet in these attacks.  While I understand some people's anger on this topic, I see why a film would leave out the controversy.  Cinematically sainting a set of purescuted people is popular.

  Others have also been critical of the distinct Russian prescence along with the lack of Polish presence.  I believe that like any war story the complexities going on in real life and all the differentiations were too much for a movie were they cut it down to major players.  The Russian Soviet army was more major the the Polish Resistance groups in this story.  Still, I personally found it confusing to the story.  I knew we were in Poland.  I knew some basic background material about Polish Jews and the Polish people during the war, and found the Russian element slightly confusing  If I'd been on the story board, I'd have probably altered the story at this point.  Differing Polish resistances would have become the main factions and the Russian Soviet would have been cut.  The few places where the Russian Soviet and the Bielskis interact could have been handled by Polish factions.  I mean resistance fighters are resistance fighters, plus the Polish fighting for their own land, freedom, and people would have been more powerful than the Russians. 

Perhaps the most glaring inaccuracy (maybe since the facts on this one are a bit scattered) is the level of forest people to military confrontation.  In actuality, the camp was constantly moved and always ran rather than faced any military movement.  The Nazis made a few concentrated sweeps of the forest, but the Bielski's relocated deep enough into the forest to evade these troops.  I can think of a few scenes in the movie that probably didn't happen, and then some are still in sincere controversy in my mind.


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