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Aug. 23rd, 2007

Thankfully the f-list is dead because I really should be writing and not reading.

As I promised more on the peace prayers.  For those who don't know (which is probably a lot of you since it isn't well known) months ago now this was brought to my attention. 

Thirty days of world wide peace prayers do sound really cool and moving to me.  I know that I'm a bit of a geek and that this probably isn't really as powerful as I feel it is, but I still would like to particpate.  I'm trying to decide how best to go about it. 

Obviously, I can participate on my own through mediation and prayer during 9/11-10/10.   But I'm trying to decide how public I do or don't want this.  For example I'm wondering whether to take it to the ij communities.  Like </a>
</a>[info]pagan or any of my other faith based comms.  I mean on one hand peace isn't necissarily faith based and while it is a large focus in my spirituality, I know it isn't in everyone's.  I also know that the idea sort of borders of fluff, which to be honest, I border all the time on light fluff.  Its just part of what I believe and how I believe it.   I'm also wondering if any of my writing comms would appreiciate it.  I mean we could do thirty days worth of peace motivated prompts and post it as a sort of group awareness thing. 

I'm also trying to decide how real world involved I want to be.  I mean part of me would like to talk to the clubs at my college and have each one sponsor an event for the peace month.  I mean there are the obvious ways that multi-cultural and religious groups could lead prayers or engage us in culture enriching activities, but there are other clubs who could add equally important notes.  Like I'm sure film club could present a film that was relevant.  And I'm sure that the writers guild could either find or create works that are relevant.  The women's club could have a take back the night rally or possibly a reading of the VM.  The Gay, Lesiban, and Bisexual alliance could do a sex crimes awareness or vigile to everyone who has fallen victum to a sex crime.  And our community service group could offer different activites.  And all of us could wear ribbons of a certain color (much like breast cancer awareness, Darfur awareness, and other causes) everyday to show our support and desire for a certain goal.

Of course all of this is in this idealized form and not really seeing things how they would pan out.  MCLA clubs and groups are pretty lame and most of our activies aren't worth going to.  There is little to know campus participation.  Plus organizing so many clubs would take an insane amount of effort, not to mention I'm still assuming that these clubs would want to participate...which I'm sure many don't. 

Meh, I'll think about it more.  Because at the very least my idealized version of what would happen makes me happy.  

And I'm going to consider the prompts idea for either </a></strong></a>[info]writers_cafe or </a></strong></a>[info]scene2fic.  I'm thinking the prompts would get greater reaction and response at </a></strong></a>[info]writers_cafe and I feel like I know that com better.  </a></strong></a>[info]scene2fic isn't as widely traveled, and I'm thinking that while maybe posting some results there would be good, that actual prompts are better over at the cafe.  Of course I've got to come up with some first....thirty with any luck.  Anyone with thoughts feel free to post a few, I'll be certain to credit you.  

Also I'm thinking maybe one of my reiki comms is best to post what to dos or plans.  Somehow I'm not entirely sure such a post would be welcome over at pagan or any of the equivilants.  I'm not sure it entirely applies. 

And yes I know that I should be writing stories.  I've got the juices flowing and you know what they say, write while you have the idea and mood.  But I've got a lot I want to write some fiction and some non-fiction and some rants and random thoughts.  I'll get to it, I'm sure.  And like the title says, I'm glad that the f-list is so dead that it isn't distracting me.  </strong>