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Oct. 21st, 2007

Can't believe that she asked me

We aren't allowed to have pets in the dorms other than fish. I have a hamster. I have had a hamster here for almost a month now. My townhouse mates and I like it. It lives in my room that is completely a single. It doesn't smell (I clean the cage often to gaurentee it) and it doesn't create a mess except for some wood chips on my desk that I clean. No one has allergies to it. In my opinion this set up is perfectly fine.

Obviously the RAs think otherwise. So apparently because this is a small school many people including RAs have heard I have a furry little friend. The RA responsible for my block has never said anything about it or asked. I'm always really respectful towards him and if he asked I'd let him into the room (though Jitters is pretty well hidden before weekly inspections). However RA's who aren't even in charge of the dorm facilities I live in have apparently spent at least an hour talking about Jitters and what to do about him. Because he's such a big deal -.- :rolls eyes:

One of the RA's asked a good friend of mine if I have a rabbit in my room....which is ridiculous because the space I live in would never support a rabbit and a rabbit, even if I cleaned it often, would reek. He told her that he could honestly say no, there was no rabbit here and maybe they should look for something bigger.

This same RA asked me if I had an animal in my room. I said, if you count me there's at least one in there. She got kind of huffy, but she's got no authority to do anything so I just find it amusing. Now were spreading rumors that I have a rhino in here. That will teach nosey authority figures to look for trouble when there isn't any. ^_^
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