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Oct. 9th, 2008

Wat to Read Book List (Which I'll probably hop to the library for)

Written in Wine: A Devotional Anthology for Dionysos This was suggested to me from a friend on gaia.  She admits her bias to the work as she's published in it, but I really like Nuri and I love her descriptions of her own views of faith and worship, so I can only see that as a bonus.  I'm not a follower of Dionysos, but there are aspects that resonate, so it would be interesting to go to the library for a read.  At this point in time it isn't something I'lll desire to reference later so it isn't of interest to purchase.    

A Modern Herbal by Margret Grieves:  I'm always interested in herbalism but my working practice with it is questionable at best.  I'd be extremely hesitant to buy another herbal book until I'd read it and identified that there was something better or different or more useful in it than those I already have and reference scarecly at best.  On the other hand, I highly enjoy reading lore of any kind, so reading it would probably be intersting and if the science is intelligeble, then all the better.   

Plants of the Gods: Their Sacred, Healing, and Hallucinogenic Properties:  This is by Richard Evan Schultes and Albert Hofmann so if you're going to read about the etimology of Sacred herbs that send you on a trip, I can't think of a better pair to get together with their research to write it.   I have to admit a high curiousity to these differing plants and their traditional use as well as their chemical breakdown and actual effects on the body.  Part of my curiousity stems from knowing people who have interacted with drugs and spirituality and their experiences seem similar to some I've had (though pretty much all of my experiences have been drug free, there are a few unplanned events I'd consider spiritual that have happened while drunk, but the drinking wasn't religiously motivated or part of ritual so I'm not certain how much any of that counts anyhow).   There are a lot of mixed opinions reguarding drug use in ritual and I kind of feel behind in my research and general opinion creation in this area.  Of course, I found an ebay sale for this book that was only $1.50 (another three dollars to ship, when the book is priced at amazon for  $14.48 is apparently too much for me to pass up)  so I couldn't resist bidding on that, but if my bid fails through, the library I will be going eventually.  

A World Full of Gods: An Inquiry Into Polythesim by John Michael Greer
:   There was some controversy over the quality of this book amoung people I generally consider reliable on these kind of sources.   However, I found the controver was over the author more than this book and with his history, I can see why other works of his might be problematic. My interest in this book is two fold really.  One is that it was reccomended highly by Nuri and I really liker her different intpretations on faith and I generally enjoy her sources and references.  The other is that I've recently been reading Drawing Down the Moon (which I'll go into some first thoughts on the first 50 or so pages in a latter post) and part of what's really grabbed my interest is Adler's discussion of polythesim.  I have some issues with her details too, but more interst than issues at the moment and as I result I'm fairly interested in reading more along those lines.    This is probably a library first to test the waters but if it's useful it will probably be desired in the collection files.

Embracing the Moon by Yasime Galenorn:   I think I might be past this kind of "how to" book in my practice and faith, but it never heards to sift through another person's take.  Especially when Yasime is apparently highly reccomended (though I've never read her).   I'm also interested in looking at a few of her other works these includes:  Sexual Ecstacy& the Divine: The Passion and Pain of Our Bodies , Dancing With the Sun (which is apparently out of print), and Trancing The Witches Year (another I can't find via the amazon).