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Apr. 17th, 2010

Kickass Deserves Some Awards

If you can't guess, last night I went to see Kickass. No real analysis this early in the movie viewing process, I just want to say damn, this movie rocked. It's the first movie since The Golden Compass and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang that I've seen and really been like "this movie was the bomb, I had a great time and there's nothing I'd change/want more of/wish wasn't there." (not entirely true with Golden Compass, I loved it so much I read the book and then there was stuff missing from the movie I'd have wanted).

Some things that took me by surprise in a good way that are not spoilers:

1. The fight scenes are beautiful. None of that jerky m-tv bullshit that screams "I don't know how to make a fight seen but wanted one in my damn movie". These were clear pretty easy to follow scenes with some wonderful, if a little stereo typical moves.

2. The differing levels of intensity between superheros really helped balance the messaging and thoughts about the whole concept.

3. Use of cell phones, social networking pages, gps was smart and funny and modernizing.

4. The music was perfectly timed and added significantly to the movie.

Conclusion: this movie needs motherfucking awards maybe as one of the few movies that is actually viewable out of all the shit usually produced. I don't know but it was very funny and it was a cute little action film. It's not a movie I'd recommend to everyone (the violence is very graphic and anyone with a sensitivity to childhood abuse will probably find Mindy/Hit Girl to be triggerish and there are many other pc problems I could think of if I wanted to but am ignoring for a moment of squee) but it was a refreshing change to other stuff I've seen and been told to like.

Jan. 24th, 2010

And Sometimes I Just Want to Share Shit

I want to show Zac this desperately because it's the kind of thing we'd both love and squee over. Minimally I should shoot back a message to Jeff telling him how much I adore it and acknowledge that no matter how ambivalent I can be about our relationship, he gives me a lot of really good shit. Contact with either or both of those boys makes my brain spiral into over drive with panic attacks and before I know it my heart is pounding, my brain is on an aldreline hyper speed, and I'm taking deep breathes trying to get the dizzy to stop.

So since it's amazing and I want to talk and talk and talk about it with some one, I'm highly recommending Gunnerkrigg Court to the f'list. It's kind of like a Harry Potter meets Questionable Content deal. It's deep and mysterious and funny and beautiful.

Anyhow I love it and I don't know how something so wonderful and joy inducing also makes me kind of weepy but I guess its something about knowing I've cut out the parts of my life that would share and enjoy and obsess over this. Anyhow amazing webcomic that I've botched really explaining well def worth taking a look.
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