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Jul. 30th, 2007

My Inernet Life now (because I figured two separate posts would make life better for everyone)

So I've just gotten back to the interweb's world.  Week end out that I've already discussed.   And there I mentioned that I went to Six Flags.  Did anyone else know that they can and will kick you out for profanity without any questions asked?  It made me think of the lj struggle and why I'm hear at IJ.  I mean I paid a lot to get into the park and I swear like a motherfucker on those roller coasters.  Why should I be kicked out for that? 

Likewise why should people be kicked off of lj for talking about potentially taboo subjects?  I know some people both on line and in the real world are giving me a hard time for standing strong with the pedos.  It isn't about pedos at all.  Its about the right to write about whatever I want.  And certainly while having pedos on a site isn't cool, its a fact that they are there and parents should be the ones responsible.  You don't let your kid idle around for hours late at night at the mall and you don't let your easily influnced nosey teen travel the internet without some supervision either.   There's all sort of stuff out there you wouldn't want them to see, the least of it might be a few harmless sex conversations that lj's new rule ban underage kids from mentioning.  How would they even know you were underage unless you put your real birthday down, I mean its easy enough to lie.  The whole thing is stupid. 

I'm a fan for their new easy report long as they are fair about it.  They can't block people for reporting things that are in violation because those people are annoying or not the kind of people they wanted to hear complaints from and they can't use the report system as an express easy pass for the WFI's....which is how I think they intend on using it. 

The abuse team is going to get swamped.....and you know as much as my problem isn't with the abuse team, I find it funny that 6A would put them in such a predicament.  It shows just how little the company communicates or listens to its workers.  I was pretty sure the abuse team was still backed up reading and approving people's porn without this easy report system, but hey whatever, 6A is going to do what 6A is going to do. 

I'm glad I'm hear at ij and that's all that needs to be said . 

We made fandome_wank and that's kind of cool.  Its not in someways cause they are making fun of the fandom exodus, but on the flip side the laugh is needed.  Moving was upsetting and a little traumatic and now that I'm here, I'm really glad I moved and can't see what the fuss was about...I almost like it better here than there, if only I could move all my friends here it would definately be better, but meh such is life and I'm making new friends and in new communities as we speak.  Honestly, that's exicting and fun in its own way.  

As far as an update on my addition of stories and other writings, that hasn't happened yet.  I did just get back from a long weekend.  Give me a few to have an update or two and comment around and then I'll start that again ^_^

Jul. 24th, 2007

Updates on the move to IJ

So I am on insanejournal.  My account name is still tigresslilly.  I am currently having problems backing up my lj to the ij so there are like four posts on the ij that are dated 2004.  Its probably going to take me the better part of a week or two to swap all my journals over.  Then it will probably take me the better part of the next week to add in all the other stuff I would like to also be part of my ij.  

I'm still working on the coding.  Since I have to manually backdate everything, I'm thinking about putting titles on all the entries.  This past year poetry class has made me realize that lacking titles, while something that happens isn't really creative or new.  It is overdone and a little confusing when you look back on stuff later on in life.  When I add titles I will code poems, rants, life update, short stories and all that good stuff right in the title.  I'll explain the coding in my profile and in my first real offical ij post.  

Because I am manually backdating everything (all 267, no 268 entries now, thank goodness I didn't write of post as much as I wanted to), I won't be placing a journal over in greatestjournal...though I may see if I can go reserve my user name there just in case.

As far as ij formatting goes, I love it.  It is just like lj except I can have more user pictures,  Everything post style wise seems to be the same.  Its true that I miss the warm blue of lj and I miss frank the goat and I don't really like the creepy face of the ij, but I can get over it.  Plus, some of how ij is set up is easier to navigate.  And as far as my own journal goes, it is more or less the same.  Same unearthed layout, but with the tenderfoot coloring instead of this coloring.  And my journal subtitle, while also kind of depressing is about free speech instead of blindfaith.  

My friends will still be called the fishbowl...I just don't have any friends or groups yet...but I haven't gotten to checking to see where everyone is either.  I'm a little caught up in just trying to move my journal.  Plus, I'm thinking there will probably won't be too many people there to friend.  Others are also busy in process and still others have vacated to greatestjournal.  Which to be honest, I have to agree with Stewardess in that it doesn't appear to be as friendly towards moving or as interested in gaining new users as ij seems to be.  I've already gotten used to writing ij and you know, I'm beginning to like the sound of it too.  

I am also missing my neko kitty smiles, but I'll find others.  Hell, maybe I'll make my own little mood icons.  Kind of like the ones I see other more computer-ficent people making.      

Jul. 23rd, 2007

Probably my Last real Post here ::tears::

Ok, Lj, Sorry for the shitty update earlier. I was upset. Well, I'm still upset, but I'm not at work and pressed for time anymore. So yes, I'll explain some.

This weekend, while all of us were off with the Harry Potter book and useage, lj decided to change its TOS. It ires me a little because when lj does all these things they are trying to be sneaky by you know, doing them when less users will be on. It's like they know that we won't be happy and there will be massive backlash and somehow by implementing them when we aren't here in such a large group, there will be less fiestiness. So not how that ends up working FYI.

Anyhow, changing the TOS is cool. You know, I've stated before that the real problem with strikethrough is that the rules didn't support the actions. I didn't realize that the new rules they would implement to “get rid of pedophiles” would also make it illegal to write differing varying kinds of fictional sexual acts. Some acts include pedophilia, underage children (this includes 16 and 17 yr olds) having consensual sex or participating in sexual acts with other minors, anal sex, violent sex (consensual or not and this also includes the eliminating the discussion of rape or rape experiences not just the depiction of non-consensual sex in an erotic manner), bondage, and other acts. I know, it sounds a lot like lj is trying to get rid of the fanfiction porn and just the original porn, but it takes out so much more. Even if it was just fanfiction at risk, I don't approve of getting rid of those groups because some people are offended. People want me to think of the children, and I think that if you allow your child unsupervised on the internet to hunt out groups with this kind of writing in it, then you get what you deserve in some ways. Not to mention that I don't think we should keep this information from children. Certainly it shouldn't be dropped in their laps, but an adult, preferably a parent, should talk to their kids about sex and do the best they can to answer any questions they have.

These rules destroy creative freedom. A lot of livejournals here are telling or have told great stories that involves something sexual. To be honest, on my alternate account, I have a work where sex is involved in a nonconsenual manner. It isn't violent, and some of it is implied, but the point is that this account does not violate the TOS, not that I think anyone would report it, but it's still there. Many author's works that one can buy including Judy Blume, Maya Angelou, James Joyce, Anne Rice, and so on have also had sexual acts in their works. This doesn't make their work porn or erotica. It isn't a how to rape a child or adult instruction manual. These works don't promote violence or under age sex. They are just works that don't censor life or their imaginations because it includes questionable content.

I long and the short of it is that I don't think my decision to leave livejournal was rash. I have waited through strikethrough. I have sign petitions and written letters. I have waited for the rules to be clarified and now that I see the kind of business 6A wants to run, I know I don't want to be a part of it.

I strongly encoruage ANYONE who reads this livejournal entry to leave livejournal too. Even if you aren't affected by these new additions to these rules, 6A has shown what it thinks of free speech. It has shown us that they are more interested in their appearance and stock then they are interested in providing a quality service. They have also shown that right wing conservatives who are anti-immigrant, racist, and anti-womens rights group can bully them into doing whatever they want. How long will it be before livejournal caves into something they want that is more hurtful?

As for my personal exodus, I am using the lj archive function and conversion programs (if you want a link for your own uses ask and I'll post them here for others) to move my all my lj over to another service. Right now, I'm probably going to go to insanejournal because they have been welcoming to livejournal refugees and also because they have clearly stated that they will only censor if what a person posts is illegal material and if a government official asks they remove the writing. I might use the mutlipost option to create a greatestjournal account that will simultaneously update (just incase there is a problem with insanejournal in the future).

As for this account...Its probably going to take me a little bit to get another account set up, but I'll keep this one open until Jan 1 2008. The main reason for this is so that I can continue to post that I've moved to insanejournal until hopefully all my buddies get the message. The other reason is so that I can figure out what groups convert over to insanejournal and which ones don't. Another reason is so I can keep up with who converts to insane or greatest with me. The last reason is that I would like to give lj some time before I permanently shut the door on their service. I have really enjoyed my time here and I am genuinely sorry that I've got to go. But I won't let that stop me.

Also, I plan on backlogging a few things. Some important lj posts I'm going to back log in here while still giving credit to the original poster, because it is information I want to take with me to insanejournal.

Also, I'm trying to make the move to insanejournal fun by throwing in back dates that have all of my writings in it. This sort of kills two birds with one stone because 1. I'd like the writings up so that other people can read and give me feedback 2. I'd like the writings up so that if my system crashes or I lose a hard copy, I still have some sort of copy in the internet world.

If anyone is interested in looking at all the backdates when I'm done, feel free. You'll be able to see what each thing is in the archives because I'm going to title it and in my insanejournal profile I'll explain all the codings like p for poem and whatnot. I know not everyone (most people) will be interested in the additions, but some of you guys will be and I would love for anyone to take a look at anything and comment in anyway at it.

I'm also probably not going to bother to private entries that were previously private again so if you want to look at all my once private entries, that's one more reason to go check out insanejournal when its done. I'll be certain to continue to post updates for everyone on how that's doing and what not, but I figured I'd clarify what it looks like I'll be doing now and keep re-clarifying so that hopefully I won't have to lose too many friends in the move. Thanks for reading and what not. See you guys later.

I know, I know, it's been a long time since I updated the lj.  Oh well, sometimes that happens.   

I was going to write a real update about what I've done this weekend blah, blah blab, but I really am not in the mood.  This past weekend LJ has finally clarified its TOS to make any discussion fictional or otherwise involving sex of minors a bannable offense.  To me, this is very anti free speech and pretty annoying.  No I don't write or read anything through lk that involves sex with minors or two minors having sex or anything else, but I don't like where this is headed.  I don't like that some arbitrary line was drawn.  I mean James Joyce and many other famous and nationally great writers tackle the subject of pedophilia and minors having sex.  Plus, I don't see a problem with two consenting 16 year old going for it, so I don't understand why we can't write about it or talk about it.  I don't think not talking about sex makes it happen less or makes when it happen better, in fact not talking about and closing the door on those kind of conversations only makes a person participating in those kind of act isolated and unable to get help or get out if they want to.    

As a result of this policy change, I think...and this is terrible for me to have to do, that I am going to have to move to either greatestjournal or insanejournal instead.  Obviously 6A wants things there way, and that's fine.  They own lj and if they want to promote censorship and follow a policy of fear over freedom, then that is their agenda to follow.  I am not going to sit here and pretend I'm ok with those policies while I wait for them to ban discussion of religion or discussion of religion that isn't mainstream or anything similar.   

I'll be doing some more research into insanejournal and greatestjournal to see which one would be best for me to switch to.  I will post again with my new user name and other pertinent info regarding my switch.  I also ask that anyone who has an account on either of these other sites leave their account name for me so that I can friend them when I get there.   

I'll probably write a few letters one to 6A to inform them of my feelings on their decision and to let them know that it has caused me to stop using their service. 

Lastly, after a couple of weeks have gone by and I feel that I have properly back dated my new journal and all that jazz, I'll probably delete this one.  

It makes me sad in a lot of ways.  I mean this journal was my first online sites.  Its filled with communities and groups I like and appreciate.  I was one of the few to hop on the lj boat early before it grew in popularity, and now I'm going to have to leave.  It almost doesn't seem fair.  But I can't support a service that won't support free speech and open discussion, even if what they are banning isn't something I want to discuss.

I'll post again with my new info and if others want I'll post info on the differences in insanejournal and greatestjournal so that if they want to move they can make an informed choice.  

This is sad and its going to be a little difficult, but it is something that I can do and will do.  Le sigh.

Jun. 5th, 2007

Hello all.  I'm still here writing and all that jazz.  I've thought about the lj situation and I think it blows.  I mean really what should be done by 6A, is they should reinstate every journal they banned pedo or not.  Why should they do this, because their rules are not clear enough to make it obvious that pedo talk is not allowed.  Then again, I believe a person should follow their own rules.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for banning pedos.  I had to sitt through an admitted pedo's post about how normal and fine pedophilia is.  He or she wasn't all like "lower the age of consent" but rather they were like "yeah I'm attracted to kids and I don't have a problem with that execpt that other people have a problem with it".  I think some of my problem might just be this knee jerk reaction, in my own mind because pedophilia freaks me out.  I know some people feel that way and I know that for the most part being attracted to kids isn't something a person can help, but to act on it or to just throw it out there so causally seems inherently wrong.  I think that people should be afraid to admit they are attracted to kids and I think that they should be more ashamed. Sure it is just a desire to resist, but part of fucking resisting a desire means you don't post it up on the web for everyone to see.  I mean really show some good judgement here.  I've got desires and thoughts that I've got to squelch and not act on, and part of that would be not parading around in the proverbial dirty underwear.  Not that I would say that so someone else, but I can still think it.

Anyway, what 6A should have done is post ammended rules to lj.  Then they should have given us a couple of weeks to conform and then they should have started the ban fest.  That would have been cool.  How they did it...not so cool. 

PS there are still hundreds of innocence banned journals out there.  I encourage everyone to write a letter to lj and 6a demanding these journals be returned.  I know that I have. 

I also suggest you join one of the many many lj communities against strikethrough 07.  These communities include the innocent_jihad whydoesljcensor  and censcoredcontent. 

If you want to take a more active aggitative role, I suggest joining the pr0nathon or another similar community.  I know I'm gearing up to write a sexy sexy explicit piece or two in protest to the events of strikethorugh 07.  I'm thinking the smuttyer and less tasteful the better.  But don't worry lj readers, I won't put it here on the main journal, just the comms. 

As for the rest of the day, it was uneventful.  I did lots of work.  Terry sucks at life and does her work wrong and then makes me clean up her messes.  As a result I have lots more to do tommorrow still.  Its good cause I'm always looking for stuff to do, but its bad because I don't like Terry and she makes the work hard because she messed up.  Uhg, I wish she did her job right.  

I'm thinking about coming up to MCLA this weekend, but I"m not sure yet.  Meh, I really want to see Zac, but I really don't want to drive and then there's the whole, but I"ve really got nothing to do either arguement.  Just surfing the lj and reading the gaia-ness. 

My special time has to be coming soon cause I'm so tired and bitchy.  Even morning yoga felt like a chore and I got the worst cramps ever icks.    Wouldn't that be great, get my period in the Berkshires, gross. 

Well, I've got sex stories to write and a lack of interesting things to type here.  So I'll catch you later lj personal page.

Jun. 3rd, 2007

Hello again.  Let so for those who want the update on where we are with Six Apart's corporate cleanup of livejournal.  They have claimed to restore all of the livejournals wrongly deleted, but they haven't.  Here: is a list of all the communities WE currently know of that have not been reinstated and should be.  (Actually all of the communities and journals pedo or not should be allowed by free speech rights unless the journals were inciting or instructing, however we're just talking about communities and users who were obviously writing fiction, had disclaimers, discussing legal issues, or had some otherwise execption that makes them not pedos).     If you have any to add to the list either comment at the jihad or comment here and I will add them myself.  Thanks for your help. 

Emma's graduation was hectic and trying.  I hate those sort of things though.  Mom always gets fiesty from all the cleaning and preparations.  Emma always acts like and over entitled diva.   At least the food was good and mom didn't yell.  I'm a little depressed about my job life as adults seem to have a way to make that happen.  They seem to think a job is the end all be all.  Honestly, it's a paycheck and as long as I can leave work at work I don't give a fuck what I'm doing anymore.  I'm happy with my yoga and meditation and writings and talking to people on the online.  Sharing and learning together with people who have similar goals can really be enough for me.  

Speaking of which I didn't do my yoga this morning because I was too tired to get up.  I know I should show more discipline, but I was up late last night.  I deserve a little slack now and then.  I'll pick it up tommorrow. 

I had such a tiring weekend that I'm not ready to go back to work.  I miss Zac and I'm sorry I didn't get to see him.  I haven't gotten to hear hear from Kathleen (though other than her concerns about Washington, I'm sure she is sunshiny).   I'm tired from all the moving and preparation and stress.  Plus I'm alittle grumpy about all the dissing of my generation I had to endure.  Its true we do as a generation feel over entitled and demand a lot of awards and "you're awesome" reminders.  It's also true that we are changing how businesses are run to be more accodating to keeping our generation's ego in check and we don't expect to have to do more to get what we want.  However, I don't think I'm like that and I know in some ways the fact that I want people to acknowledge that only proves their point about my generations demands.  They feel I and others shouldn't act like that and the fact that we desire praise for doing what we should do is the whole problem.  However the flip side of this is that its hard to listen to people slam you by generalizing your generation and have them make no acknowledgement that you and your actions are not the problem, its the majority of your generation but not you.  I don't know, maybe I really do need the same extras everyone else needs.  To be honest though, if that's true that I crave the same sort of award seeking praise as others than I should be really depressed all the time cause I don't run in circles of perform actions that get lots of outward praise.  The gratitude or appreciation can be implied or maybe assumed but it isn't usually verbalized.  Oh well maybe I'm just sleep and stressed and this conversation go on my last nerve it isn't really that big a deal anyway.  Everyone meant well...probably.

Jun. 2nd, 2007

Wow the Massive journal delete is a hugh fucking deal

Ok for people who don't know (cause certainly I didn't)  WFI otherwise known as warriors for innocence (found at though I wouldn't go because they drop a lot of spyware onto your comp just by visiting the site)  has been complaining about livejournal.   There complaint is related to the petophila that can be found on the server.  LJ has explained that freedom of speech allows people to write whatever they want (this includes but is not limited to admissions of guilt of any kind of crime, decriptive stories of any nature, thoughts, muses, philosophy, socilogical effects, news articles) as long as users don't write up a step by step manual on how to perform ANY CRIME or incite others to commit a crime Livejournal CAN NOT censor other's works. 

Not a problem at all, however on May 18th they wrote an email to six apart (owner of lj) that said "you have pedos on your site, I told people advertising about it and they pulled their ads.  You do what we say when we want or we'll keep messing with your funding".  Six Apart freaked out because they didn't want a new article while they are trying to get in with PDO and make millions. They had been planning to clean up the site for a while so that it would be shiny for stock investors, however the prospect of negative press related to the site concerned them and they deleted over 500 accounts.  They chose accounts that were on the list of WFI.  They added 100 other journals to the list and they left out 150 I think (check the wfi site for more info on specific numbers).  

For more detail on the whole incident I highly recomend reading: ; It is VERY in depth and step by step.  Wonderful writing on that one. 

There are also new articles posted web wide about this.  One is on slashdotnet, though I don't have the link.  There is a cnet article too the link is htt NOTE**  At this time it is believed that all wrongfully deleted journals have been restore.  wrongfultos is currently confirming this position, but it might be good to have it friended incase the status changes. 

Now I know, what's the problem with deleting a bunch of pedos?  If only it was just the pedos.  Livejournal deleted rape survivors communities, communities that were discussing rape, pedo, and domestic abuse in a serious nature and talking about social reforms to be made.  They deleted hundreds of fandoms dedicated to lolita (a kind of fasion associated with those childish frilly dresses and also apparently a book).  They demolished fandoms dedicated to erocdica that was in no way related to pedo or other off color sex desires.  They delete Harry Potter fanfiction and fan groups.  They deleted numberous fanfictions and fan dedicated sites.  The deleted any journal who had something as innocence as "Death Note" (an anime series name) in their tagged interests.

One community dedicated to the return of survivor journals and communities along with other wrongfully deleted journals is here:

Not to mention that deleting pedo stories or any story NO MATTER HOW DISTASTEFUL is a violation of the right to free speech, something that Livejournal claimed to maintain until now.  It is hard to get worked up about pedo's losing their rights to free speech, I mean what they write is gross and wrong on so many levels.  However, I have to look at a couple of things.  The most important thing here is the MASSIVE amount of unjust banning.  Another thing to remember is the larger pictures.  Sure pedophila is wrong but we can't censor people's rights to write abotu it fictionally, confessionally, provocatively, socially or any other way.  IF we allow them to stop conversation on this topic what will we choose to censor next?  How long before livejournal isn't really a place for free speech of free writings?  How much does six apart feel obligated to censor to be politically correct? 

If this topic concerns you as it concerns me and many other users may I suggest joining the Jihad against "innocence" the link is here: ; Sorry for all the shitty linking, I've never needed it so much before so I never learned how.  Be ready for a lot of it though.  Man hours and hours to write this post after all the reading and linking I've done.

If you agree or are concerned about these issues involving livejournal, as I am there are many appropriate forums to voice complaints publicly and I'm asking everyone who reads this to alert others of the issue with a post or a link and to express their displeasure with the route livejournal is taking towards censorship.  Yes, supposedly the accidentally deleted journals have been restored, but we need to make sure how unhappy we were with the past events we were so that Six Apart will think twice before repeating past mistakes. 

Contacting Warriors for Innocence:
It looks like e-mail is the only thing effective, but I will go ahead and give out the e-mail address. PLEASE do take caution if you DO go onto their site, apparently there are malicious spyware and adware on their site. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be careful -- don't cuss these people out or leave a nasty message. Tell them how their approach is only going to backfire.

Contacting LJ and Sixapart:
</a></b></a>[info]liz_marcs has pointed out numerous Lj users have started posting comments, complaints, and various demands of a statement on recent actions. Basically, I'll be doing that and pretty much ANY </a></b></a>[info]news update from the time being. FLOOD them, guys. Absolutely FLOOD THEM.

OR! You can call SixApart. I know, I know. Annoying.

Contacting Perverted Justice:
It's been pretty much confirmed they are apart of this, which is just SAD. These people contribute to exposing predators on Dateline, but yes, they've had their part in this, too. Please be mindful as to not be flaming them when contacting them.

DISCLAIMER: I copied and pasted this contact list from _sirius_denial  the original post is:  ; If my attempt at linking doesn't hold through you should go there any use his or her links directly.

Roaring also has a lot of thoughts about different actions we as users can take to protect six apart's decision to censor works and randomly delete stuff without warning or care.  They forget that fandom and communities are responsible for a large chunk of their profits (Through upgraded journals).  They have also forgotten that we can also get a list of their advertisers and stop buying their products in protest to lj (round about I know but its on the table as an option at this point). A link to Roaring entry is:

I'm also concerned because some of my communities that I'm part of were temporarily deleted before livejournal reinstated them.  Their tag lines of interest included "child abuse" and when a news article involving the abuse of children came up we would discuss our thoughts on it.  The communities were of course about more than just that.  One is a feminist group, another is a support group for people who feel that they have been wronged by religious zealots of any religion.  Another that was warned was dark christianity and certainly we talk about all sort of political choices and we talk about the wrongful treatment of some rape victumns at the hand of people who are supposed to help them.  This is in no way related to petophelia, what was lj so damn concerned about? 

Something else that concerns me is the person that runs WFI (warriors for innocence) is a confederate neo nazi.  She is part of a highly organized military like Christian dominionst movement that seems to have some success in getting what they want. 
I didn't do the research on this one, but it is all compiled: ; The sources are linked.  

I've spent the last couple of hours reading the WFI site and reading different critics thoughts on the matter.   Unhappy as I am?  Go to the official appology and bitch there too.  Here it is:

Gah so much more to read on it and som many more things to do to take action.  I'm thinking that from now on I'll be putting something lj would want censored (not kiddy porn but something sexual explict) in all of my posts because damn it, six apart is NOT cool. 

I don't know though its really late and I'll be up early tommorrow.  I might not be thinking clearly.  I'll read more tommorrow and think more about my plan of action and then I'll report it.  Good night y'all and peace out.