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Sep. 17th, 2007

My life right now post

Today has been alright. I really do like playwriting, even if the actual assignments are things I am going to struggle with. (Still have no idea what to do for my one act and I need to make up a monologue for Fri). I can't wait for the writing days on Wed and Fri. I really like her prompts and I feel like the exercises are ones that won't just serve me well now, but that I'll come back to later.

PR crisis management was disappointing. I thought we'd get to watch more China Syndrome and we aren't right now. The movie is really interesting and I really would like to finish it...that and I don't like how we are breaking it up in pieces. I like seeing things all at once. You know, I feel like its dangling in my mind and I'm going to have sort of forgotten it all by the time we get to look at it.

I also feel a little embarrassed about pr. Today the professor had been talking about a news article talking about Nazi youth in Israel and then he asked us what a progom was. I answered a little to excited about progoms being attacks on Jewish people that happened before WWII but became more organized and worse after Hitler came to power. He was of course talking about progoms as foreshadowing in PR that something bad is coming...which is of course what a "progom" was for Jewish people too, well it was bad stuff but it did foreshadow (for hundreds of years) the Holocaust too. So, yes it was embarrassing for that kind of thing to just spilled out and have everyone give me the "your weird" look or the "I would laugh at you for that response if what you described wasn't so serious" face. Stupid brain making stupid leaps.

I also wrote a little today towards my werewolf fic, which I fully plan on getting back to now. Have poetry at two. There will probably be a bitchy post about how much I don't like that class and why afterward and perhaps there will be another prompt to be added to my odd little assortment.

Which reminds me I really want my script writing thing back because it would make a great meme but also because it is a great thing to fill out for characters you've created.