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Jan. 7th, 2008

Part Three to Surprise Surprise Redone

Story Title: Suprise Surprise
Chapter: 3?
Author: </a></strong></a>[info]tigresslilly
Genre: Original Modern fantasy
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Rating: G
Word count: 2,704 (six less words than the first post)
All Reviewers: Are Loved forever ^_^
Summary: The hunter has some questions he needs answered and he knows exactly who to go to for help. Mostly background and explination but it keeps the fun pacing. (Reposted with some significant correction to the beginning and editing based mostly on tense and typos). As said before I'm working on part four and there is a chance it will be up by the end of the week.

Aug. 26th, 2007

Well one good thing about ij downtime is that I finished fixing the short's tenses

Story Title: Undecided
Author:   </a></strong></a>[info]tigresslilly
Genre: Original Modern fantasy
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Rating: PG
Word count: 2,119
Summary:   He's on another stake out with a new goal, but has he really gotten over Kiyoshi and her mystery?

Aug. 11th, 2007

I know this is a lot of entries and I appologize f-list, but I couldn't resist

Without further aduie, I present my latest short story.  Its the one I spoke of earlier that's got some humor in it.  It isn't side splitting but there are definitely moments where I laughed while writing it.  

Title:  A Surprise
Author: </a></strong></a>[info]tigresslilly
Genre: Original work, modern fantasy
Rating: G maybe PG
Warnings: None
Word Count:  2,720 
Summary:  Pretty much a stake out/ following and capture sort of story.   (I know I really need to work on my summary ability) .