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Sep. 11th, 2007

From DC

Prisons Purging Religious Books

That's from the NY Times so basic summary: Prisons are pulling SOME religious books from prisons.  These books have been donated or otherwise present in prisons for over a decade.  The reason that the country justifies these actions is because they feel prisons are "breeding grounds for religious extremists".  A class action suit is being filed by a Jewish and Christian inmate who claim this violate their rights to religious freedom and free speech as protected under the first amendment and the Religious Freedom of Restoration Act.  

My thoughts, I wonder what books are allowed to stay or go.  I know that my faith certainly couldn't stay on the shelf and I figured that they were pulling certain or perhaps all Muslim texts based off of the excuse given, but the religions of those people filing the suit make me wonder exactly what the prisons are pulling. 

I'm also curious as to why we'd pull something that doesn't cost us any money (most of the books are apparently donated or provided by vary denominations) and that we often hear helps inmates.  If they find some sort of peace or salvation in any religion then who are we to pull that from them?  Are we really going to allow a little bit of fear movitivate every action from now on?  Is this really the right thing to do?  But meh, these are just my thoughts on it.